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Welcome to VolunteerHam. VolunteerHam was built to give you, the volunteer, the ability to track the hours and miles you travel when you volunteer. Besides your time donated as a volunteer is priceless why not keep track of it.

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Why VolunteerHam

After looking at multiple commercial solutions a small group of Amateur Radio Operators collaborated to design, develop, and create VolunteerHam to meet the needs of Licking County Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).

Since 2021 VoluntteerHam is open and avaiable for all Amateur Radio Operators in Ohio to use for free.

Signing Up

Signing up as a Member

You do not need to be a member of ARES to take advantage of this site.

When setting up your profile you will be asked to create a username (Callsign) and password along with providing additional information including your contact information and current training. Once you have submitted your application for membership an email is sent to your local EC or administrator for approval. Until you are approved for VolunteerHam you will not be allowed to login. Your information is never shared with others on VolunteerHam and is only available to EC/AECs, District EC/AECs, SEC/ASECs, and those administering VolunteerHam.

Once your Membership has been approved you will receive a welcome email notify you that you can now login to VolunteerHam.


Using VolunteerHam

After you login to VolunteerHam you will automatically be redirect to the Log Hours section of the website. Here you can enter in an event Name, select a Category, and enter a Date, Hours, and Mileage.

• When entering an Event name VolunteerHam assist you by autocompleting previous entries.

• When choosing a Category from the list of options pick the best option for the overall objective of the event.

• Date entries are limited to 15 days prior to today and may not be in the future.

• When entering Hours and Mileage please round to the nearest quarter (.25) of an hour.

View History

View your History

Using the View History section of VolunteerHam allows you to view your previous logged hours and mileage. You can view your history by the Current Month, Previous Month, Year to Date, and Previous Year. In any of these views you can search, sort, and extract your own information.

If you found that you have made a mistake in one of your entries, you can correct your entry be selecting the Edit button on Entries within the last 30 days. If you need to modify or delete entries older then 30 days please contact your local EC for correction.